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Indoor Air Quality Inspection in Victoria and Area

Indoor Air Quality (IAC) Inspection?

An Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) inspection is an objective visual examination and written reporting of conditions in the indoor environment and adjacent outdoor environment which can result in a contaminated or unhealthy indoor environment. The IAQ inspection is particularly relevant to people with a known sensitivity or a specific health or environmental concern, but provides all occupants with cost effective improvement scenarios.

IAQ inspections are done in accordance with procedures prescribed by RespirCare Inspections Canada and in recognition of CMHC, EPA and Health Canada criteria.

The Typical Indoor Air Quality (IAC) Inspection

The focus is on conditions which can affect the quality of the indoor environment:

•drainage around the building, wet or swampy conditions, excess flora

•exterior wall penetrations, flashings (past/present water intrusion and IAQ impact)

•venting of appliances, attic, fireplace, exhaust

•back-drafting check of furnace, hot water tank – potential flue gas backflow into building

•storage or presence of hazardous products such as chemicals, phenols, asbestos, combustibles (causes of discomfort)

•odour check – organic, phenols, noxious, moulds, mildews (causes of discomfort)

•mould/mildew check: windows, rooms, basement, crawlspace,

•attic: fungi, dampness, moisture stains, evidence of rodents

•excess moisture check from IAQ perspective: foundation seepage, efflorescence, water/sewer line seepage or leaks, condensation, toilet floor seal failure, ceramic tile joint failure

  1. carbon monoxide (CO)

  2. possible need for sampling and lab testing

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